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Looking for “Just Women” Study Materials?

From the Office of Disciples Women you can subscribe to Just Women, which typically costs between $17-$19 depending on the number you order per address. The annual Spring Edition of the magazine contains a Bible study for the whole year. This is the study material offered from our general body directed specifically toward Disciple Women.

If you are interested in the series of women’s interviews Wisdom of Women, a video series that some find very exciting, you may also find information on ordering the series on the Office of Disciples Women website.

CCIW Regional Disciples Women’s Ministry

In the Spirit of Advent and what is to come, I would like to greet all of our Region’s Disciples Women. Remember, if you are participating in any of our churches, you are definitely, a “Disciples Woman.” It is with great joy and anticipation that we share some important information as your 2014, calendar gets under way. Please share this information with your local Women’s Groups, circles and cluster; always feeling free to contact your Regional Women’s Cabinet, CCIW Website and the Office of Disciple Women for your needs. What is your Congregation’s Disciples Women’s Group doing? What ideas, programs and projects are you taking part in? We want to know? Do you have any good news stories to share? We welcome all Women in our Region to take part in Disciples Women’s events. For more information please contact Linda Blakeman (President) and Rev. Dr. Christal Williams (Regional Staff Liaison).

Disciples CCIW Women’s Spiritual Writing Retreat

Event Information and Registration

Introducing the People of Guatemala


This picture of Gloria Vicente Canú, our Global Ministries missionary to Guatemala; Deacon Misael Me̒ndez, program coordinator of the Ecumenical Christian Council, and me captures things both apparent and unseen in our Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Pilgrimage to Guatemala last May. It is obvious that we, as participants, formed close friendships. However, much was going on behind this happy scene. The picture, taken at the San Rafael Las Flores Roman Catholic Church, was where we were introduced to the injustices perpetrated by the Escobal Mining Project. Here we met with the people affected, hearing their courageous stories. Then we visited the site where the mining company violates the earth in spite of the protests by the indigenous people, ecumenical groups, and environmentalists.

This experience at Santa Rosa is a sample of our group’s many meaningful encounters. I would like to introduce you to the brave people of Guatemala who have become so precious to me. Also I want you to become familiar with Christian Ecumenical Council of Guatemala as it works in defense of peace, justice, and reconciliation in Guatemala.

I am available to share my experiences with groups and congregations throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. Plan our chance for dialogue by contacting me in any of the following ways: [email protected], (309)364-3208, or Jean Wallace, 804 Main St., Henry, IL 61537-1131.

A presentation by Jean Wallace