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This is information you will need as you meet with the CCIW Ministry Committee. The Ministry Committee is made up of clergy and laity who represent the diversity of our region. They will be your conversation partners about your papers (one at a time) —-spiritual autobiography, concept of ministry, view of the church and its mission in the world. And, if you are an ordination candidate you will have a spiritual director. If you are on track for commission, you will have a mentor. This is a spiritual discernment process and it takes time. The committee meets three times per year: March in Chicago; June in Bloomington; September in Eureka.

You will have the opportunity to view a summary and associated documentation:

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History and Polity Courses

Guidelines for Mentorship


Step by Step

Step by Step for candidates for ministry in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Year 1

  • Step 1: Fill out an online application: Online Application. You will receive and acknowledgement and welcome from our office that we have received your application.
  • Please submit a digital photo to the office for your file.
  • Step 2: Our office will do a Regional Directive to give you access to Search and Call at the Ministry Office of Disciple Home Missions. You will receive an email from DHM allowing you to enter and fill out your profile, with references and background check. Complete this step.
  • Step 3: Make an appointment for a Psychological/Vocational Assessment. See Vocational Discernment and Assessment Info
  • Step 4: Write your Spiritual Autobiography. See guidelines for papers Guidelines for Required Papers
  • Step 5: Read My Ministerial Code of Ethics
  • Step 6: Read, Sign and Send: CCIW Clergy Ethics Policy and Ethics Card
  • Step 7: Read, Sign and Send: Disclosure and Release Form Please print and fill out this form by hand. You must sign the form for validation.
  • Step 8: Ask your sponsoring Disciple congregation to write a letter in support of your candidacy.
  • Step 9: Ask your Regional Minister to write a letter of support/reference for Search and Call.
  • Step 9a: For Commission only—Ask your congregation to take official action, sending a letter to ask for a Commission, and provide a job description.
  • Step 10: Make your first appointment. Contact information: 309.828.6293 or [email protected]
  • Meet Ministry Committee.
  • CCIW will provide Ordination Track Candidates with a Spiritual Director. Unless you already have one, one will be assigned. We encourage quarterly contact.

All steps for In care for Ordination are on this check list: In Care for Ordination Check List

All steps for Commission are on this check list:  Commission Steps Check List

Year 2

  • Step 1: Make your second appointment. Contact information: 309.828.6293 or [email protected]
  • Step 2: Prepare your paper on Concept for Ministry
  • Step 3: Check you check list for what else needs to be done. (Ordination track—enroll in CPE)

Year 3

  • Step 1: Make your third appointment. Contact information: 309.828.6293 or [email protected]
  • Step 2: Prepare your paper on Disciple History and Polity.
  • Step 3: Prepare your paper on Concept of The Church (Ecclesiology).
  • Step 4: Check you check list for what else needs to be done.

If all is completed for Commission, you will, most likely, be granted an Extended Commission for 5 years. We will see you again in five years.

Year 4

  • If all is completed for Ordination, including seminary education. You will schedule one more appointment for your Ordination interview.

Disciples theology and polity now translated into Korean

Partnership of Chalice Press, Reconciliation Ministries and NAPAD

Disciples Thumbnail Sketches, a series of handouts describing basics Disciples theology and polity, is now available in Korean as well as English and Spanish.

Funded in part by a Reconciliation Ministry grant, the Korean translation completed by Chalice Press is the first new translation serving the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)’s diverse – and growing – population.

“Our partners in ministry identified a real need in these communities: clear, accurate information about the Disciples’ faith and beliefs for new church members or visitors,” says Chalice Press president Brad Lyons. “The Disciples’ significant Korean-American population was our priority, and we hope to can add a variety of languages over the next few years.”

At first glance translations seem relatively simple, but nuanced subjects like faith and religion require more delicate handling. Publishing Solutions Group, Inc., handled the initial translation, and Pumsup Shim, a Disciple pastor in Chicago, polished the manuscript. NAPAD’s Jinsuk Chun reviewed the final draft.  Read more