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When you donate to the Annual Fund, your donations support our CCIW Ministries.  It’s because of you we can make a difference in the communities around us and impact the people we serve.  Please give today. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

Have questions or concerns? Contact [email protected] or call the office at 309-828-6293.

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Support New Church Ministry

The New Church/Ministries Team (NCMT) of the CCIW supports new and affiliating congregations, and particularly seeks to partner with worshiping communities being church in bold and creative ways and which reflect the diversity and wholeness of Gods kindom. Like all congregations, this has been a difficult year for new congregations. Last summer and this spring, the NCMT provided small one-time solidarity grants to all new congregations as a demonstration of our support.

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Permanent Fund

The Permanent Fund of CCIW

The Permanent Fund of CCIW consists of all funds placed into a permanent endowment, the proceeds of which are used by the Region to expand the witness and mission of Jesus Christ in the world. The Permanent Fund is not intended to compete with regular giving to Disciple Mission Fund, or to the CCIW Annual Fund, nor to diminish the opportunities for responsible stewardship by present or future generations. If you are considering supporting Regional Ministry by contributing to the Permanent Fund, please view this informational brochure and form.
영속 후원기금으로 후원하기 영속 후원 기금은 일리노이/위스컨신 지방회에 기탁된 영구적 후원기금으로 조성되었습니다. 이 후원기금의 운용을 통해서 발생되는 수입금은 지방회가 예수 그리스도의 뜻을 드높히고 전파하기 위하여 펼치는 사역을 위해 사용됩니다. 그렇지만, 이 영속 후원기금을 통한 후원이, 여러분으로 하여금 평상시에 해주시는 국내선교국 후원이나 지방회의 연례 정기 사역을 위한 후원을 하시는데 있어서 여러분을 망설이게 하거나, 현재/미래 세대들의 평상시 청지기 의식을 약화 시켜서는 안 될 것입니다.

Stewardship in Your Congregation

Need some help looking at stewardship in your congregation?
Try the assessment tool and reach out talk with us about your church’s journey.

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Disciples Mission Fund

Disciples Mission Fund Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregations have opportunity five times a year to give to special over and above offerings through the Disciples Mission Fund. These offerings are each designated for particular ministries of the wider church. Publicity and resource materials are mailed to congregations by the Disciples Mission Fund approximately two months before each offering.
국내 선교국으로 후원하기 제자회 회중들에겐 크리스천 교회(제자회) 국내 선교국(Disciples Mission Fund) 앞으로 다섯 번의 특별헌금 기회가 해마다 주어 집니다. 국내 선교국에서는 이들 특별 후원이 필요한 사역들에 관한 자료들을 특별후원 시기 약 두 달전에 각 교회에 공지해드리고 있습니다.
Blessing Boxes

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