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Vision and Initiatives for The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Illinois and Wisconsin

Purpose Statement

In the Design of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the purpose of regions is two-fold: first, to extend the ministry of Christ in mission, witness and service among the people and social structures of the region; and, second, to establish, receive, and nurture congregations in the Region, providing help, counsel, and pastoral care to members, ministers and congregations in their mutual relationships, and relating them to the worldwide mission and witness of the whole church.

Our particular purpose is to receive, connect, nurture, and resource Disciples communities in Illinois and Wisconsin for mission, witness, and service as we minister in the name of Jesus locally and build relationships globally as a Pro-Reconciling/Anti-Racist Church.

Vision Statement

To be a radically welcoming Region of connected Disciples congregations, radiating the Creator’s love, continuing Christ’s mission, and following the Spirit’s call.

Mission Statement

To connect and empower Disciples congregations for life changing and life giving ministries in our evolving world.


Together . . . Making Disciples of Christ

Values and Praxis

  1. Practice Deep Spiritual Formation
  2. Practice Meaningful Trusting relationships
  3. Practice Covenantal Connections
  4. Practice Pro-Reconciliation/Anti-Racism and become Multicultural
  5. Practice Creative Ministry
  6. Practice Bold Mission

Initiatives 2017-2022 (Proposed)

We Will:

  1. Strengthen our connection to God as the source of life giving ministry. Through initiatives like New Day we will focus on spiritual formation for leaders as the grounding for our relationships and purpose.
  1. Be intentional about including all people in our planning processes, leadership structure and at our local, regional and general gatherings. We will seek to reflect the diversity of God’s true church, regardless of gender, race, age, size, ability, sexual orientation, income, or community.
  1. Identify ministry opportunities with children, youth and young adults by integrating camp and youth ministries and providing program development/evaluation, resourcing, staffing.
  1. Identify and dismantle mechanisms of systemic racism by continuing to emphasize Pro-Reconciliation/Anti-racism training of Regional personnel, and by examining regional structures, documents and processes for wording or structures that exclude or marginalize persons of color and other minorities
  1. Imaginatively discern and partner with new Ministries/Churches: including finding new ways to communicate and form communities—such as storytelling, podcasts, and social media. We will discern the call to be a Disciple presence in innovative ways.
  1. Engage in Service, Learning, Mission Experiences and Excursions, locally and globally, that engage all of our values. We will embrace spiritual pilgrimage—moving beyond our comfort zones to engage God in other cultures.