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Search and Call Documents

Before completing any of the following documents, a representative from the church should contact the Regional Office. Staff will put you in touch with the clergy staff responsible for leading congregations and Search Committees in your area through the process to find an interim or new pastor.

Call: Regional Office at 309-828-6293

This information is intended for reference purposes only. Congregations and Search Committees may view the documents and forms to get a basic understanding of requirements to fulfill, questions that will be asked and what information they will need to provide during consult with a Regional representative. The Search Chair and Committee should schedule an initial meetings with the Regional representative before completing any documents.

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Search and Call Documents

Disciples Home Missions: Downloadable Search and Call Resources

The DHM website hosts a wealth of information about Search and Call for pastors, congregations, Search Committees and others interested in the process. In an effort to provide the most recent, up-to-date versions of all available documents, we have included a link to their site for further information.

Go to the Disciples Home Missions website – “Search an Call”

You will be able to access (in English):

  • Beginning A Pastoral Ministry
  • Clergy Background Checks: a “how to read” guide for search committees
  • Clergy Retirement Planning Guide
  • Clergy Salary Survey (Indiana region) — 2011
  • Closing A Pastoral Ministry
  • Commissioning Service for Phoebes & Timothys
  • Congregational Discernment Survey
  • Congregational Profile Form (current update)
  • Emeritus Recognition Service example
  • Ethical Guidelines for Congregational Conduct
  • Letter of Call Agreement – Initial Call
  • Letter of Call Agreement – Annual Update
  • Ministerial Code of Ethics – 2011 revision
  • Moving Company Information (preferred providers)
  • Ordination Service and Guidelines
  • Pastoral Relations Committee Guidelines
  • Pension Fund Change of Ministry form
  • Sabbatical Leave Guidelines (2005 update)
  • Sample Letter of Resignation/Retirement
  • Search Committee progress poster information
  • Theological Foundations, and Policies & Criteria for the Order of Ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and all related documents  (4 languages)

A number of the resources are also available on the DHM site in Spanish, French and Korean languages.