New Day – It’s about spiritual transformation!


Join us for New Day events in 2018 –

  to draw closer to God in Christian community –

Exploring spiritual transformation, an opportunity to go deeper with God and one another. Retreats and other gatherings will help you and your congregation grow spiritually.

“Transformation is a journey – let’s keep going, let’s keep building.”

New Day Retreat 1.0!

Friday, September 14 – Saturday, September 15 – our 2018 New Day retreat at First Christian Church in Bloomington.

From Scott Woolridge –

Here’s your invitation to the New Day retreat!

This retreat is welcoming, it’s invitational, it’s warm, safe and friendly – no pressure – you take it at your own personal pace. When I’ve been a part of the retreat before, it’s been a way of inviting God back into my life, a renewed relationship and an expanded spiritual life. I think we all have a hunger to go deeper and have a more meaningful life of faith.

It’s a time for meaningful spiritual conversations – everyone matters and everyone can make a contribution. We learn more about spiritual practices – like prayer, listening to scripture, keeping a journal, keeping a sabbath (rest) time. It’s a great time away – it’s engaging and refreshing!

It’s worth the time I’ve given to it. It’s been a rich blessing to me!

What would you receive from the retreat? This is what some people have said they experienced –

  • Spiritual renewal – became more aware of God’s presence, felt uplifted and returned to their congregation with excitement
  • A sense of community. We are not on this journey alone. We have God and we have many spiritual friends.
  • The value of spiritual practices – as individuals and in a group. Gives us something to do after the retreat is over.
  • Insights into our relationship with God and a variety of ways to connect with God. It’s not a one-size-fits-all.
  • Resources for our spiritual journey and the intentionality to follow-through

Here’s a link to Dana Auman’s story – he went to a New Day retreat last year and it changed his relationship with God!

I hope you can join us September 14-15 in Bloomington. Cost is only $25 (covers the cost of food and the program fee).

Please let me know if you’d like to talk about the retreat. [email protected] I hope this is something that fits where you are in your spiritual life.

We would also ask you to invite other members and friends from your congregation to join you. This September retreat is an experience for beginners in the New Day process.

So, please plan to join us and bring others with you. Space is limited – maximum is 36. And the registration deadline is September 5.

We’re recommending the Chateau in Bloomington for your overnight accommodations.

Here’s where you can register for the retreat – click here

Questions? Contact Scott Woolridge – [email protected]


Thrive! for congregational transformation –

Becoming a People of Welcome at Central Christian Church in Decatur, Illinois – a return visit from Rev. Dr. Ruth Fletcher

On Saturday, November 3 (10 am to 4 pm), you’re invited to join us at Central Christian Church in Decatur, Illinois. Ruth Fletcher, the Disciples Regional Minister in Montana will be with us to talk about nurturing the lives of congregations.

She is the author of Thrive: Spiritual Habits of Transforming Congregations. It is available on Amazon in paperback and electronic formats. In addition to making a compelling case for congregational transformation, her book is a rich resource of practical tools (12 appendices). You will love it!

This session with Ruth is entitled – Becoming a People of Welcome – 

How can we become trustworthy communities that welcome the stranger?  In this retreat we will learn to leave behind obsolete traditions and ineffectual beliefs, and to confront alienating behaviors which threaten safe space.  We will explore how to develop habits of clarity, challenge, and courage that enlarge our capacity to grow and thrive as the Body of Christ.

We’re very excited to have Ruth with us. She is held in very high esteem by her colleagues and also works as a contract staff person for Hope Partnership in Indy, specializing in transformational ministries.

This event is open to everyone – clergy, laypersons – everyone. And lunch is included.

Cost is $10.00 per person. Register here for the Thrive event!


And, here is some great news from First Christian Church in Galesburg! They’re reading Ruth Fletcher’s book – “Thrive: Spiritual Habits of Transforming Congregations.” They are sharing God’s love in the community.  For more of this story, click here.

New Day – in summary –

  • A deeper connection with God and one another – sharing a journey of faith, meeting companions on the way.
  • Learning about spiritual practices and doing them. – centering prayer, journaling, pilgrimage, silence and solitude, music, body movement/prayer, icons, imagining scripture, etc.
  • Talking about identity, context and calling – our answers to these questions put us on a faithful path with God.
  • Geography of Grace – a way of spiritual discernment in the context of caring partners on the journey.
  • Thrive: Spiritual Habits of Transforming Congregations
  • Personality and Spirituality – different ways to pray and to experience God. What’s your style?
  • Deep, significant conversations – with spiritual companions.


New Day is a new approach to spiritual transformation. Driven by deeper spirituality, enriching partnership, and ongoing support, leaders, and churches find their path to a faithful future. This is not a cookie cutter program. Each congregation has its own unique experience of transformation. There will be retreats for church leaders to get the process started and follow-up events to hear about progress and offer more resources. Congregations with similar interests and similar callings can work together. The Regional church is making a huge commitment to help with congregational transformation and individual spiritual transformation. New Day is open to all leaders who are serious about spiritual transformation. Individual leaders can participate without the full commitment of their congregation.

Join us for life-changing experiences!

For more information contact Scott Woolridge – [email protected]                        



Watch this New Day video on YouTube – you’ll get a sense of what you can experience!

and some videos to tell you even more