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New Day – It’s about spiritual transformation!


Come to the New Day Retreat – July 28-30

    A special invitation to first-time attendees –

Here’s a personal invitation to this summer’s New Day retreat – exploring spiritual transformation, an opportunity to go deeper with God and one another. Many who have attended these retreats in the past would witness to the benefit of being away for a little while to relax and renew.

Outcomes – we’ve learned more about the spiritual practices we will use and how to fit them into our lives. We’ve learned how to make space in our lives after a retreat to add or refresh these spiritual experiences. We’ve reconnected with the Source that offers life, energy, hope, and partnership.

Picture a small group of your new friends, having conversations of spiritual significance. We’ve used an experience called Questions in a Bag, an opportunity to listen to others and to be heard on a deeper level. Always in a safe space, these conversations help us connect with one another in profound ways.

I think you’ll agree with me it generally takes more than one or two retreats to experience dramatic change. Instead of saying, “Well, that didn’t work,” we would say “Transformation is a journey – let’s keep going, let’s keep building.”

We’re inviting you to attend the July 28 – 30 retreat at Lake Williamson to join our journey of transformation. We will learn about a variety of spiritual practices, learn about what works for each of us, spend time in peer groups growing together and learn about an approach to spiritual discernment called Geographies of Grace. We’ll also talk about Ruth Fletcher’s work on congregational transformation. We are offering to come to your congregation and help lead a visioning process (if the timing is right). Clearly, you can see we’re building toward God’s faithful future – a future with hope!

We would also ask you to invite other members and friends from your congregation to join you. This July retreat is an experience for beginners in the New Day process as well as a renewal/growth experience for those who have attended spiritual growth retreats in the past.

So, please plan to join us and bring others with you. Even though the registration deadline has passed, contact Scott Woolridge to see if there might be one more spot just for you. [email protected]

 New Day – in summary –

  • A deeper connection with God and one another – sharing a journey of faith, meeting companions on the way.
  • Learning about spiritual practices and doing them. – centering prayer, journaling, pilgrimage, silence and solitude, music, body movement/prayer, icons, imagining scripture, etc.
  • Talking about identity, context and calling – our answers to these questions put us on a faithful path with God.
  • Geography of Grace – a way of spiritual discernment in the context of caring partners on the journey.
  • Deep, significant conversations – with spiritual companions.


 More about New Day – an overview

It’s Time for Spiritual Transformation!

New Day is an offering of the Regional church to help your congregation create an atmosphere open to God’s transforming power. Together we pray, we listen to God, we take risks, we experiment with new ideas, we let go, and we focus on ministry opportunities outside and inside the congregation.

Would it be helpful to join with other leaders and other congregations?  We are not alone. We have many partners in this life of faith and they have wisdom and resources to help us. They can encourage us and we can also help them.

I am about to do a new thing …
Isaiah 43:19

It’s spiritual transformation – We are on a spiritual journey and God is guiding our path. Our current reality might be marked with decline and frustration. If we will invest in deepening our relationship with God and one another, new perspectives will be opened. A vision of God’s next chapter for us can be revealed. We have the courage to try something new and learn from our experiences. New opportunities and new ideas come to us. New energy feeds the life of the community and the church. We see what can emerge in our ministry context and who we are created to be.

It’s not about a dying church; it’s about new life and a commitment to a change for the better. For many of us, the old way is not working. We have lower worship attendance and lower giving in the offering plate. It’s time for something better! When we tap into God’s loving power, things change. Lives change. Commitments change. Churches change. Again, it’s change in a positive direction – one we can handle, one that can bring us joy.

New Day is a new approach to spiritual transformation. Driven by deeper spirituality, enriching partnership and ongoing support, leaders and churches find their path to a faithful future. This is not a cookie cutter program. Each congregation has its own unique experience of transformation. There will be retreats for church leaders to get the process started and follow-up events to hear about progress and offer more resources. Congregations with similar interests and similar callings can work together. The Regional church is making a huge commitment to help with congregational transformation and individual spiritual transformation. New Day is open to all leaders who are serious about spiritual transformation. Individual leaders can participate without the full commitment of their congregation.

What outcomes do we expect?

  1. We’ll witness to our spiritual transformation – the difference that God makes innewdaylogo our members, friends and community. We tap into God’s power to fuel our ministry.
  2. We’ll be clear about our purpose as a church, clearer about what God wants us to do, clearer about our gifts, clear that God provides all we need.
  3. Our focus changes – it’s about hospitality – people experience God’s love in new ways through our church. Hospitality is intentional and integrated into all areas of church life.
  4. What we measure for success – we used to count worship attendance and income versus expenses. Now we count stories – tell me a story of a life that’s been changed because of your church and its ministry. And another story, and another story. Let’s count adult baptisms – stories of people drawn in, mentored in their faith, sent out for ministry. God has blessed them so they can bless others.

Transforming leaders lead transforming churches

We must be willing to change on an individual level to be transformed as leaders

  1. Spiritually – deeper connection with God, trust, Sabbath, regular spiritual disciples, awareness of spiritual gifts, listening to God, willing to risk
  2. Emotionally – open, joyful, optimistic, awareness of what challenges us, what lifts us
  3. Socially/relationally – inclusive, outgoing, welcoming – hospitality that is intentional & integrated into all parts of our life together
  4. Physically – healthy, disciplined, movement/exercise, nutrition, rest
  5. Intellectually – always learning, wise, clear, aware of the risks, strategic

If a leader is transforming in these ways, what are the possibilities for the church? We can tap into the power of God’s vision, God’s gifts, the Holy Spirit and sky’s the limit. We are able to change – bit by bit or in larger shifts. We inspire others to join in God’s mission – more resources for mission, more people in touch with God’s gifts given through them.

Join us for a life-changing experience!

For more information contact Scott Woolridge – [email protected]                        



Watch this New Day video on YouTube – you’ll get a sense of what you can experience!

and some videos to tell you even more