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New Church/Ministry


The New Church/Ministries Team (NCMT) supports new and affiliating worshiping communities. We especially seek to partner with worshiping communities doing and being church in bold and creative ways and a church which reflects the diversity and wholeness of God’s kindom. We recognize each context is unique and that practices and/or structures will adapted to the context. The process from an idea to planning, to sharing a vision, to gathering folks together, to finding patterns and practices authentic to a particular context will be a journey with twists and turns. We will walk with you. Contact Us, Minister for New Church/Ministry, to share your dream of how followers of Jesus might gather and be community.

If your congregation would like to learn more about how you or your congregation can support the New Church/Ministries in the IL-WI region please contact us.

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If you would like to learn more about the general process of starting a new congregation or collective in the Disciples please view this forty-five minute interview with Pastor Terrell McTyer. Many thanks to Andy Magnum, the RM of the Southwest conference, for this resource.

Current In Formation Congregations

Korean Christian Church, Springfield, IL
Pastor Rev. Hyoung Chel “Tom” Yang

Root and Branch Church, Chicago, IL
Pastor Rev. Timothy Kim

Gilead Church, Chicago, Chicago, IL
Pastors Rev. Rebecca Anderson and Rev. Vince Amlin

ANEW Church, Chicago, IL
Pastor Rev. Dr. Franshonn Salter

Global Community Fellowship
Pastor Sunil Gaikwad

Recently Chartered Congregations

Happy Christian Church, Northbrook, IL
Pastor Rev. Paul J Yoo

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