New Church Establishment

Our dream is to start 53 new congregations by the year 2020, and we are on our way!

Pentecost offering: A special offering just for all these new churches!

Churches Starting Churches

Can you picture a new church that launches its ministry and keeps on launching? That’s the goal of PneuProject (pronounced “new”) in Oswego, Illinois. October 8, 2011, our Regional Board voted to give “congregation in formation” status to PneuProject. Their goal is to reach people who do not go to church. This will be achieved through prayer, listening, talking to community members and reaching out. A variety of approaches in worship and evangelism will help launch a large Disciples congregation that will continue to invent and to multiply. To find out more about PneuProject and their launch team, visit –

Your congregation could help start a new church!  Click here to learn more.

Faith Alive

A GenX cell church in Peoria, Illinois. Randy Williams, pastor.

Korean Christian Church

A Korean new church in Springfield, Ill.

The Iglesia Cristiana (Disciplios de Cristo)

A new Spanish Christian Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Roberto Romero, pastor-developer.

New Church Ministry Team in Indianapolis

1000 new churches in a 1000 different ways.  Click here to learn more.