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Welcome to Older Adult Ministries

An NBA grant-funded project

You are invited to explore Older Adult Ministries’ many avenues for discussing older adults’ spiritual and physical needs and wishes. You will find tools for discovering and assessing congregations’ priorities in developing new ministry programs for older adults, by raising awareness about aging, addressing biblical perspectives and exploring new ministry models intergenerationally.

Older adults have a legacy to give and a lifetime of experiences to share. By working with older adults and enabling them to be advocates for their own successful aging, we all have so much to gain.

Go to for daily meditations, resources, videos, webinars and curricula on such topics as loneliness, spiritual growth, loss, grief, caregiving and LGBTQ seniors.

Jan Aerie, family counselor and gerontologist, is coordinator of Older Adult Ministries. She has written numerous resources, and led many workshops and programs for faith groups and secular service organizations in many states.

These resources are a gift and collaborative effort of the Mid-America Region.

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Contact: Jan Aerie, [email protected] Older Adult Ministries Coordinator