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How Has Your Congregation Changed?

By March 12, 2019March 31st, 2019No Comments

Many historic Protestant churches lost their way when the ground beneath their feet began to shift in the last part of the 20th century. Back then, congregations became confused about why so many Americans had become indifferent toward church-going. They became anxious about their shrinking numbers and aging membership. How would they survive? They could not see the way forward. The struggle continues today and for many has become even more urgent.

Some church leaders say they need to work harder on evangelism. They need to get more young families to join their church. Others say we need to get more people to help pay the bills. And the decline continues.

But now, a few ordinary congregations are finding their way into the future by cultivating the spiritual habits which transform them so that they, in turn, can transform the world.

Dr. Ruth A. Fletcher, in her book, Thrive: Spiritual Habits of Transforming Congregations, shares her pastoral experience, judicatory work, consulting ministry, and personal research in which she has discerned some spiritual practices that characterize congregations that are thriving. An excellent read whether you are a pastor, church leader or concerned member of a fellowship struggling to see what God has in store for your congregation. Fletcher tells powerful stories and gives practical guidance relevant to churches will seek solutions.

Are you a leader or member of a church who is concerned with the shrinking numbers of your congregation? Are you interested in solutions to help your congregation prosper through a shift? If you have answered “yes”, then the May 4 Thrive workshop in Bloomington is for you. We are working to revitalize the life of our congregations by reaching out into our communities where God is already at work. Come learn how to cultivate the spiritual habits that will transform your congregation and help you connect with your neighbors. A new chapter in your congregation’s life starts on May 4.


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