Thrive! Becoming a People of Creative Action


Saturday, May 4 – 10 am to 4 pm

You’re invited to join us at First Christian Church in Bloomington, Illinois. Ruth Fletcher, a well-known Disciples minister will be with us to talk about helping congregations live and serve in their communities.

Thrive – Becoming a People of Creative Action

Are you a leader or member of a church who is concerned with the shrinking numbers of your congregation? Are you interested in solutions to help your congregation prosper through a shift? If you have answered “yes”, then the Thrive workshop is for you. We are working to revitalize the life of our congregations by reaching out into our communities where God is already at work. Come hear stories of congregations like yours that have become faithful and effective in their communities. Gain the spiritual foundation for this journey that will transform your congregation and the world we live in.


Our leader, Ruth Fletcher, shares her pastoral experience, judicatory work, consulting ministry, and personal research in which she has discerned some spiritual practices that characterize congregations that are thriving.

Join us Saturday, May 4 from 10 am to 4 pm at First Christian Church in Bloomington to get a glimpse of what transformation can look like for your congregation and your community. Learn the practical lessons you’ll need for the journey ahead.

Ruth Fletcher is the author of Thrive: Spiritual Habits of Transforming Congregations.  In addition to making a compelling case for congregational transformation, her book is a rich resource of practical tools (12 appendices). You will love it!

This event is open to everyone – clergy, laypersons – everyone. And lunch is included.

Cost is $15.00 per person. Register by April 29.

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