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Eureka College Diverse faith-systems Celebration

By November 19, 2015No Comments

On behalf of Matthew Capestro, the organizing student leader for this event, you are invited ….
On December 3, 2015 at 7:30 P.M., Eureka College will host a celebration of diverse faith-systems bringing messages of unity, hope, peace, and love. This celebration is open to the student body and local community as a means of furthering unity among various distinct religions and expressions of faith. Opening the service and representing a Baha’i message of unity is Dr. Keith Tookey. The core of this celebration is student oriented with an Islamic message of peace presented by Alison Lasher, a Jewish message of hope by Aaron Pearlman, and a Christian message of love delivered by William Compton. Eureka College Chaplain, Bruce Fowlkes, will provide closing thoughts.

Local area ministries are encouraged to extend invitations within their congregations to those interested in joining this celebration. Those interested in participating are encouraged to not only come hear messages of unity, peace, hope, and love, but also to embody those same spirits during this celebration! We welcome your presence in showing support for a more unified and peace-seeking humanity. We welcome your presence during a season where hope and love are all too essential in our lives. Any who have further questions are encouraged to contact Matthew Capestro at [email protected]



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