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Reconciliation Application Grants

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Grant Applications are due no later than December 1, 2016 at the CCIW Office.

Applications are available for download at or by contacting the CCIW.AR/PR Committee members are available to explain the funding priorities and/or assist you in completing this application.

To insure that you receive the assistance you need, please contact the Regional Office or email [email protected].


Reconciliation Grant Guidelines & Application_2016
Reconciliation Grant Report Form_2016

Brief History

Racial justice is an issue that appears throughout our history as the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). However, the Reconciliation ministry of the church officially began at the General Assembly in 1968 with the approval of Reconciliation: The Urban Emergency Program of the Christian Church. Its mission was to work to dismantle racism in our church and society. Reconciliation was reaffirmed as a permanent ministry of the church in 1972. Our 20/20 Vision, adopted at the 2001 General Assembly in Kansas City, MO, included the mandate for the Disciples to become an Anti-Racist/Pro-Reconciling Church, a phrase that has recently been changed to a Pro-Reconciling/Anti-Racist (PR/AR) Church.

The Objective

The objective of the Reconciliation Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Illinois and Wisconsin is to undergird the National Mission Priority set forth by the General Assembly to become a PR/AR Church. We do so through the work of the PR/AR Team and the PR/AR Committee. Working together, the Committee and Team provide leadership and vision for responding to God’s call to be a fully transformed, anti-racist, multi-cultural church. As members of the Body of Christ, we claim an anti-racist identity that empowers, heals, and makes whole.

The PR/AR Committee

The PR/AR Committee serves as part of this ministry with clear roles and functions. In particular, the Purpose of the CCIW Pro-Reconciliation/Anti-Racism Committee is to:

  1. Present yearly to the Regional Church Council the plans, activities and reports of the Committee and Team.
  2. Communicate the vision and goals of the region’s ministry in creative and compelling ways to CCIW congregations and groups.
  3. Promote the annual Reconciliation Offering within the congregations of the Region.
  4. Award a yearly discretionary grant to the Team from the Reconciliation funds to carry out its program.
  5. Solicit, receive, administer and award the annual Reconciliation grants in accordance with the guidelines.
  6. Participate annually in the anti-racism training selected by the Team.

NOTE: Committee members are nominated and adhere to the requirements set forth in the Charter which can be accessed on the regional website.

2014 Reconciliation Grant Focus

  • In order to answer God’s call to promoting and furthering the vision a fully transformed, anti-racist, multi-cultural church. The Pro-Reconciliation/Anti-Racism Committee will award the 2015 grants to non-profits and churches in the region that seek support for: priorities:
    • Innovative and creative programs aimed at fostering healthy conversations on racism in a community;
    • Projects/programs aimed at the empowerment of marginalized communities or cultivation of relationships between different communities;
    • Projects/programs that seek to change the systems that cause racial discrimination (e.g., existing laws, company policies and practices);
    • Projects that seek to change attitudes through education, personal involvement and shared common experience; and/or
    • Projects/programs that creatively deal with or address current social problems specific to a community.
  • Grants will not be considered for projects/programs that
    • Deliver goods or services that are already provided in the community (duplication of services);
    • Underwrite salaries for staff whose duties are primarily aimed at other tasks; or
    • Fund capital expenditure such as building, fixtures, building renovations or high-cost equipment.

Reconciliation Grant Guidelines

  • Only 501(c) (3) organizations located within the Illinois/Wisconsin Regional with IRS standing are eligible to apply. (CCIW Congregations that apply must contribute to the Annual Reconciliation Offering.)
  • All applications will be reviewed and awarded by the PR/AR Committee in February and presented to the Regional Church Council in March. Announcements will be sent in mid-March to all applicants.
  • Funds will be distributed after the Regional Office has received the signed Conditions of Grant Agreement included with the award announcement letter.
  • 501 (c) (3) Organizations accepting grants may receive a visit from one or more of the PR/AR Committee Members during the course of the year to encourage and observe the project/program. Congregations receiving grants will schedule a visit from the PRAR Team and will promote and receive the Reconciliation Offering. A member will call ahead to schedule. If there is a special event that you are planning, please let us know..
  • Grant recipients are required to submit a complete Grant Report Form no later than July 1. The report form is designed to allow the committee to be good stewards of funds and future recipients to learn from past experiences. The Committee is especially interested in receiving pictures, press clippings, and other materials to showcase accomplishments; such items may be used later by the Region in its publications.
  • Failure to submit a complete Grant Report Form will disqualify the recipient from consideration of future funding.