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Spark an Adventure!

By April 11, 2024April 15th, 2024No Comments

We are just 59 days from the start of the first camp of the season at Camp Walter Scott and we need YOUR help getting the word out!

Early Bird Registration Discount (and bonus!)

Encourage your congregation to get your registrations in, take advantage of Early Bird pricing, get $25 off, and get a very cool vinyl sticker while supplies last!

For Clergy and Congregations:

Everything you need to promote camp is all found on one convenient document at this link.

Clergy can follow this link to get to the Camp Walter Scott clergy hub.

Bulletin Insert

A beautiful 2-sided bulletin insert is available here. (Be sure to flip on the short side when printing.) This can also be added to mailed newsletters.


Considering a camp mailing for your children or youth? Here are full-sized 8.5×11 flyers for youth camps, family weekend camps, and service days. Print a bunch of these and plaster them around the church to promote the camps.

Presentation Slide

Here is a slide to add to your pre-service announcements.

Social Media graphics

Instagram (square) images for each camp can be found here. Use these in newsletter and on Facebook and Instagram to promote specific camps. Or send them to families with kids in the target age.

Facebook Events

A link to Facebook events can be found on the master promo document. Use these to tag or invite friends to attend a specific camp.

Promo Video

A great video for sending to your congregants, youth, and adding to your worship services and social media accounts is available at this link.


What other materials would be helpful as you think about promoting camp? Email us with ideas!