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2023 Annual Fund

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From the desk of: Rev. Jason & Amanda Butterick

Why give to CCIW?

Dear Friend,

  • We give to support congregations in development, redevelopment, beginning or ending.
  • We give to support ministers, whether licensed or ordained, to receive continuing education, retreats, spiritual and emotional support at point of need.
  • We give to support those discerning their call of ministry, amid ministry, and the resources needed for each through our School for Ministry and ethics courses.
  • We give to support men and women in fellowship, through Disciples Women and Disciples Men, with studies, programs, and special speakers to encourage, inform, and discern God’s quiet callings and loud cries of injustice.
  • We give to support the efforts of our Pro-Reconciling/Anti-Racism team in raising awareness, confronting our fears and anxieties, providing alternatives, and planting new seeds of justice against principalities and powers of systemic injustice.
  • We give to support God’s expansive welcome to all. All people in all places. Wherever they are on the journey to God’s gracious love.
  • We give to support all ages encountering God in quiet retreat, in joyful activity, in groups or in solitude available at Camp Walter Scott.
  • We give to support Disciples in service, Disciples in learning, Disciples in advocacy, and Disciples in

By giving to the CCIW, we feel we can help others who need to feel loved in a shattered, broken world by showing them Christ through our three best gifts: time, talent, and treasure.

In a broken world with broken people, the ministries and programs of the Christian Church in Illinois and Wisconsin are present, offering and giving healing and wholeness.


Why give to CCIW?

To extend God’s call, welcome, and love.

From birth to death, and the time between.

For now, and eternity.

That is why we give.


Thank you!

Rev. Jason & Amanda Butterick


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