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Regional Assembly 2022 Links

By October 3, 2022October 14th, 20223 Comments


Oct. 14 – 7 PM EDT, 6 PM CDT

Friday After-session

Spirituality & Brewing10/15/22, 8PM CDTAndrew Guthrie & Eli RolonWill be mailed automatically by Zoom when participants regiser for unique after-session event


Oct. 15 – Note the EDT and CDT times

Business Meeting

CCIW Disciples

10:00 AM CDT



Business Meeting

Michigan Disciples

10:00 AM EDT



Saturday Workshops

Religion & the Mandalorian10/15/22, 1PM CDTJay PotterJoin Zoom
Pension Fund “Moving from Financial Stress to Financial Wellness”10/15/22, 1PM CDTRev. Sarah RenfroJoin Zoom
Engaged Elders and Digital Deacons Training10/15/22, 1PM CDTRev. Dr. Alex RuthJoin Zoom
Called to Share a Better Gospel10/15/22, 1PM CDTRev. Bruce Reyes-ChowJoin Zoom
Revitalizing Congregations through Older Adult Ministries10/15/22, 1PM CDTJan Aerie, MSJoin Zoom
Willing to Respond: Preparing Your Congregation for Disasters10/15/22, 1PM CDTRev. Caroline Hamilton-ArnoldJoin Zoom
Great Lakes Green Chalice10/15/22, 1PM CDTRev. Hannah FitchJoin Zoom


  • ~Sophia says:

    Tonight’s ‘Worship Service’ was amazing. I look forward to seeing the continuation of Holy Spirit as we continue tomorrow with ‘Worship Business’!!

  • Tina Marie Amodeo says:

    I am so thankful that I was able to attend Friday night’s worship and the workshop today!
    Without getting into deep tmi, my emotions are all over the place as I am in a rehab hospital, yet again this year, for M.S. issues and I’m feeling pretty beat up especially Spiritually. Being able to attend virtually, instead of the planned in-person, might have just “saved” my hurting soul as I was ready to runaway, crawl away, from it all

    I am so grateful for the honesty given as I heard that I am not alone in the struggles of not just life, but in sharing love…kindness with others. Thank you for reminding me that I need to forgive others just as Jesus has forgiven me

    Like you, basically, said Sophia, the Holy Spirit is flowing through us. What a joy it is to feel a bit of being “alive” Spiritually again. I look forward to receiving more “food”, God willing.

  • Tina Marie Amodeo says:

    It really was amazing in all the different “formats” used such as dance and singing.