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School for Ministry

Job: Executive Director The School For Ministry

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Built on the foundation of God’s life-changing love, the School for Ministry exists to educate, equip, and sustain those whom God has called to “feed my sheep.” Jn. 21:17.  The School for Ministry tends these shepherds by: providing a robust, comprehensive theological education for the lay-persons within the context of intentional, sacramental community; and continuing to support and revitalize the minds and spirits of those already engaged in the work of shepherding the flock of God’s people.

Position Summary

Provide visionary leadership and administration for the School for Ministry

Reporting Relationship

The Executive Director reports to the School for Ministry Board and then to the Regional Minister & President of CCIW and Conference Minister of the Illinois Conference, and/ or other entities as updated and approved by the Board, as the School for Ministry evolves.

Time Requirements/ Status

This position is a part-time contract position of 8-10 hours per week

Job Functions

Provide Visionary Leadership

  1. Help to define and promote the current mission and vision of the School for Ministry
  2. Prayerfully seek, with the input of the Board, regional and conference ministers, the future direction of the School for Ministry
    1. Be attentive to the needs of the church and the ways the School for Ministry might provide leadership in these areas of need
    2. Be willing to dream new dreams, forge new paths, and make new connections
  3. Enlarge the scope of the church by intentionally promoting voices of communities traditionally marginalized by the church
  4. Represent and promote the School for Ministry at Assemblies, Annual Celebrations, etc.

Administer the School for Ministry

  1. Maintain enrollment of Certificate in Pastoral Leadership students
    1. Communicate enrollment registration details with the Phillips Center for Lay Ministry and Training
    2. Communicate student progress with the judicatory body to which they relate
    3. Plan and execute January and June Intensives
    4. With the Board, periodically review and evaluate the Certificate program to ensure it continues to meet the needs of students and churches
  2. Provide leadership and accountability for Cohort Leader team
  3. Work with the School for Ministry Board to:
    1.  Recruit new students and retain current students to both the Certificate in Pastoral Leadership program and continuing education and ethics training opportunities offered by the School for Ministry
    2. Plan, publicize, implement and evaluate events and activities
    3. Make and maintain connections with partners and providers of learning experiences for current and future students, lay and ordained
    4. Oversee budgets, contracts, and agreements necessary to operate the School for Ministry
  4. Maintain contact with regional and conference leadership
  5. Provide necessary documentation (transcripts, certificates of completion, verification of ethics requirements, etc.) for students of the School for Ministry


Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge Required

  1. Minister in good standing with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) or the United Church of Christ
  2. Self-motivated and proactive, with the ability to self-direct, manage multiple projects and meet deadlines
  3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Ability to listen, clarify, and convey information in an accessible way
  4. Proficiency in use of social media
  5. Proficiency in hosting Zoom meetings
  6. Basic knowledge of Google Workspace
  7. Knowledge of educational needs of clergy and laity
  8. Willingness to make and maintain connections with and affirm persons of various ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, gender identities, and Christian religious practices
  9. Openness and comfort with spiritual, cultural, and religious matters
  10. High commitment to confidentiality in all matters
  11. Basic conflict management skills