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Ministry by a Different Name

By October 5, 2021No Comments

Rev. Angee Jordan Byrd has a new title, thanks to the Personnel Committee of the Region. She is the Regional Director of the Communication Ministry. The committee believes this action will help clarify that this is a new ministry of the region focused on helping congregations with their communication needs. Angee has years of experience and expertise in the marketing world. She also has deep faith and is a Commissioned Minister in our region. The gifts she brings are just what is needed for this day and time. She leads our team which includes Jeff Parker. They are ready to help you and your congregation with communication needs, including website development, social media plans, and tech support.

Angee just published a “how to” book for congregations who want to develop a social media plan. It’s called “The Phygital Church.” Each congregation in our region will receive a copy of the book soon. And, Angee will host a workshop in early November on the Phygital Church.