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Job: Camp Host, Camp Walter Scott

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The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Illinois and Wisconsin (CCIW) is seeking a part time employee to join our ministry team as Host/Manager for Camp Walter Scott, near Effingham, IL. This position has two main foci: the care and keeping of the camp property; hospitality to church campers and counselors, as well as other groups who use our facility. Knowledge of health department regulations, coordinating volunteers, and staff, plus some maintenance skills (plumbing, electrical, carpentry) are needed. See our job description: (to be added)

To apply, send a letter of interest and resume to Rev. Dr. Teresa Dulyea-Parker [email protected] by August 15, 2021.


Job Description for Camp Host, Camp Walter Scott

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Illinois and Wisconsin

July, 2021

The Camp Host will:

  1. Live on site and serve as host for groups that use Camp Walter Scott.
  2. Maintain Camp Walter Scott in a state of attractive, hospitable readiness for all user groups and in compliance with all applicable government and health regulations.
    This includes but is not limited to the following:
    1. Schedule events on Camp Calendar and relay that information to other Regional church staff.
    2. Recruit help for kitchen, cleaning and maintenance, lifeguard.
    3. Along with kitchen staff, purchase supplies and groceries.
    4. Facilitate/schedule kitchen staff in food service for groups using the camp.
    5. Submit time sheets for workers to CCIW bookkeeper.
    6. Maintain cleanliness of all buildings to standards set by cleaning checklists—this includes checking restrooms (and when applicable shower houses) for soap, toilet paper, paper towels and function of fixtures and unusual cleaning needs.
    7. Maintain the grounds (mowing, snowplowing, trimming, etc.)
    8. Be easily and readily available to guests on the grounds.
    9. Do normal seasonal cleaning, maintenance and repairs on buildings, equipment and grounds.
    10. Support and assist volunteer workers and contractors working on the grounds.


  1. Assure with the Camp Program Director, that a staff person is always on the grounds during the summer camp season and when any guests are on the grounds to handle maintenance needs and telephone calls to the camp.
  2. Secure the services of a lifeguard for the summer camp program.
  3. Maintain good working relationships with other Regional church staff, all user group leaders, donors, volunteer work groups, and CCIW pastors and congregations.
  4. Maintain adherence to the facility usage policies as adopted by the Camp Management Committee and/or Regional Church Council.
  5. Recognize the following chain of authority:
  6. Head of staff will be the CCIW Regional Minister and President.
  7. Regional Personnel Committee.

As Camp Host will receive:

  1. A salary of $12,000, plus housing (house fair rental value) and utilities.
  2. During the first three years of employment, vacation days accrue at the rate of one (1) day per month beginning with the third month. In the fourth and succeeding years, vacation accrues at the rate of one-and-one-fourth (1.25) days per month (as per Personnel Handbook). Schedules of vacation time shall be approved by the RMP in consultation with the related Clergy Staff and Management Staff. Vacation days will normally be used between September 15 and May 15, and will be approved through the CCIW Regional Minister and President.
  3. Compensation is based in working 1200 hours per year. Most of these hours will be accumulated in the months of May through September. If employment ends on a date other than the anniversary of this work agreement, considerations for compensation or reimbursement will be given. For example – if the Camp Host leaves the job just prior to the summer camping season starting, compensation has been paid for hours not yet worked. Reimbursement would be paid to the Regional church.

Camp Walter Scott is a church facility owned by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Illinois and Wisconsin. While this facility does not discriminate on the basis of religion, sex, race or national origin, it is expected that all employees will respect the religious orientation of the activities that occur here.

There shall be no alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs, weapons, fireworks, and other hazardous materials allowed on the campground.

To the public, the employees of the campground are representatives of the camp and the Regional church and should adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Dress must be clean and neat, be aware of personal hygiene when around guests.
  2. No alcohol use allowed when on duty or when duty may call.
  3. Single employees must be circumspect with personal relationships at all times, single persons living on the campground should not have “significant others” living in the residence provided by Camp Walter Scott.
  4. Married employees must be circumspect with personal relationships at all times
  5. Smoking is not allowed at all at Camp Walter Scott.


Camp Host – Hours

target – hours per month