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What You Should Expect from Your Church’s Insurance Company and Introduction to Insurance Board

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  • A Program that is Tailored to Churches and Affiliated Ministries 

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right financial solutions and resources including  church insurance. Does your current provider specialize in houses of worship? Insurance Board is a non-profit ministry  that administers a property and liability insurance program for churches and church ministries affiliated with the  Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), United Church of Christ, Presbyterian Church (USA), Evangelical Lutheran Church in  America, the Reformed Church in America, and Alliance of Baptists. Currently, over 4500 churches and ministries  participate in our program within the denominations we serve nationwide. The Insurance Board serves over 650  Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) churches and affiliated ministries.  

  • A Program that Understands Your Denomination and is a Recognized Partner 

The Insurance Board is governed by a Board of Directors made up of clergy and lay people from the denominations we  serve. Currently, Rev. Dr. LaTaunya Bynum, Regional Minister of Northern California/ Nevada Region, Rick Reisinger,  President of Disciples Church Extension Fund, and Duncan Draper, Retired CFO of Pension Fund of the Christian Church are the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) representatives on our Board. The General Assembly of the Christian Church  (Disciples of Christ), upon recommendation of its General Board, recognizes Insurance board as a recognized ministry partner. Through covenantal relationship, the Insurance Board seeks to be the insurance program of choice for the  Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). 

  • A program that Provides Loss Prevention Resources 

Insurance Board’s website, offers a wealth of information on a number of topics and includes  access to many loss prevention initiatives. Some highlights of the services available to all churches and related  ministries in the denominations we serve include: 

    • SafeConduct™ Workbench-Abuse Prevention ministry offered by the Insurance Board focusing on conduct in  support of children and preserving sacred space. Additionally, offers fundamentals applicable to broader  concerns including ethical relationships, sexual harassment, protection of vulnerable adults, bullying and  tolerance around race, religion, and sexual orientation. Also offered are background screening services, C.A.S.E.  (Creating A Safe Environment), SafeConduct™ Policy, KYS! (Know Your Score), and Online Training.
      • Policy Template-A complete abuse prevention policy template is provided. This Word document  template will save you many, many hours of debate and drafting. It includes guidance and essential  content missing from many policies. A strong policy is the foundation for a safe environment. This  sample template can help save you many hours of debate and drafting. It includes guidance and  essential content missing from many policies.
      • Know Your Score (KYS!) Interactive, private space to evaluate your abuse prevention policies and plan  for improvements. Praesidium’s Know Your Score (KYS)!, is built on the foundation of The Praesidium  Safety Equation®, which establishes standards for abuse prevention in eight critical operations. Your  KYS! Report is a tool created for your eyes only, and provides information and links to relevant  resources that can help you build an action plan and close any risk gaps.
      • C.A.S.E. (Creating A Safe Environment) – Exclusive for Insurance Board participants, C.A.S.E. is a state of  the art, research based, facilitator-led, video-based training that provides practical solutions to  navigating the many “gray areas” that can emerge day-to-day. A facilitator within your ministry will  learn to lead guided training programs for others within your ministry to help prevent abuse, including  peer-on-peer abuse. 
      • Free Online Abuse Prevention Training-This service is offered through our partnership with Praesidium,  a national leader in abuse risk management using their Armatus program. At the core of the Armatus  Learn to Protect System is a continually expanding library of engaging courses, each with clearly defined  outcomes. Courses include research-based content, highly interactive multimedia activities, application  scenarios, and a content mastery quiz. Armatus is a comprehensive system based on learning theory  and best practices of adult learning. 
      • Discounted Background Screening Services-This service is also offered through Praesidium and the  Insurance Board further subsidizes discounted rates for participants of our package program. Discounted background screening services to help keep your most vulnerable safe. Industry best  practices recommend that ministries conduct background screenings of any employee/volunteer  (including parents) who have access to children and vulnerable adults. Failure to discover a known  offender can affect those in your care, your reputation, financial stability, and trust within the  community.

    • Webinars-Interactive for those attending the live webinar, current schedule includes subject matter relating to  Adult/Child Interaction; Convicted Sex Offenders as Congregants; Financial Controls; Property Valuation and  Facebook. A library of previously recorded webinars is also available for viewing at any time.  3. The Steward-Quarterly newsletter offered by the Insurance Board 
    • Loss Control Manuals-Five volume manual set authored by focusing on People, Safety and Liability; Church  Property; Transportation; Youth Activity and Church Management.  
    • Your Church: Employer and Small Business-Provides the basic guidance regarding your church’s obligations as  an employer and business. It includes information about employment and governance along with valuable links  to resources on taxes and labor law. Many additional resources, such as an Employee Handbook Template are  available as well.

  • A dedicated Insurance Advocate who understands the needs of your church 

Does your current insurance policy include adequate coverage for your church’s property and liability coverage needs  that include sexual misconduct, pastoral counseling, cyber, and umbrella? Shawn Polzin is the dedicated Insurance  Representative for Insurance Board and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) churches in Illinois and can review your  current policy. She can be reached out at 309-660-1818 or [email protected]