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Introducing the Water the Plants Prayer Summit

By March 2, 2021No Comments

Since last summer, Disciples from across the life of the church have been praying for the new church movement.

New Church Ministry’s (NCM) church-wide Water the Plants (WtP) initiative has faithfully gathered together prayer intercessors every Tuesday morning and Thursday evening on the phone to prioritize the spiritual discipline of prayer and ask God to care for new congregations, as well as congregational, regional, and general ministers of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada. We are grateful for this dedicated team that supports new worship expressions.

NCM is excited to introduce our inaugural prayer-focused virtual event, the Water the Plants Prayer Summit on Saturday, March 6th, 2021 from 1 pm to 3 pm EST.

Attendees will pray for restoration, strength, transformation, creativity, rejuvenation, and connections. The gathering will include scripture, a live performance, and testimony from various church planters on how prayer has influenced their emerging collectives’ development.

With NCM Associate Minister and WtP Coordinator, Joi Robinson hosting the event, our first ever Prayer Summit is a unique opportunity not to be missed. It is our hope that participants will leave feeling closer to their faith and one another, inspired to clarify their vision and mission, and with a renewed passion for experiencing a meaningful prayer life.

Schedule and guest list

5:00          Summit Introduction – Joi Robinson

30:00        Fellowship/Testimony – Nerleb Likisap, Francisco Ramos, Soriliz Rodriguez

5:00 Prayer – Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), OGMP, General Ministries – Lori Tapia

5:00          Prayer – Regions – Bill Rose Heim

5:00          Prayer – Leadership, Vision, Mission, Values – Syvoskia Bray Pope

5:00          Prayer – Resources, Finances, Stewardship – Rosario Ibarra


5:00          Scripture Shower – Adria L. Patterson

5:00          Prayer – Creativity, Innovation, Training – Joey Ctto

5:00          Prayer – Coaching, Connections, and Relationships – Judy Cummings

5:00          Song – Dean Phelps

20:00        Fellowship and Testimony – Luis Threat

5:00          Outro – Joi Robinson