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By January 12, 2021No Comments
  • There is an introduction to the regional dashboard available on YouTube. Please make sure your staff responsible for yearbook reporting gets this link as well:
  • If you have succeeded in getting additional email/usernames from congregations since you sent your initial lists in the fall, please use the attached Excel sheet to format the additions so the vendor can add them quickly. I am working with our vendor to get a definitive list of congregations that are in Alex but do not yet have an email/username.
  • If you have a congregation that has forgotten their password or if their reset/invitation link has expired, please see the reset procedure attached. It also has a short explanation of how they can change the username or email.
  • If folks need a general introduction of Alex or tours of the congregational dashboard or instructions, that is all linked on There is a button on that page for instructions and training sessions this month. Instructions are available in English, Spanish, French, and Korean.
  • If you need a new copy of the Alex logo, let me know.
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