Last Session of Mediation Skills Training Institute for Church Leaders

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Photo of a flower floating on water.The last session of Mediation Skills Training Institute for Church Leaders for this year will be November 16-20, 2020.  This outstanding 5-day event helps participants deal more effectively with interpersonal, congregational, and other forms of group conflict.  The tentative dates for next year are March 1-5, May 3-7, June 21-25, August 2-6, October 4-8, and November 15-19, 2021.  No decision has yet been made with regard to returning to an in-person format, so attendees will need access to a device with both a camera and a microphone.  Questions?  Contact the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center at [email protected] or 630-627-0507.   To receive a $200 tuition discount for the November 2020 session, register no later than October 16.  To register online for any of our events scheduled for this year, please visit

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