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Domestic Violence

GA-1928, A Call to See and Respond to the Crisis of Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence

By October 6, 2020No Comments

~ We Voted, We Adopted, July 2019 at GA, Now What???

October is Domestic Violence (DV) Awareness Month, it is a perfect time to support and engage Resolution GA1928. Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence (DV/IPV) are holding over 12 million people hostage in toxic relationships. Businesses lose over 8 Billion dollars a year as a result of Domestic Violence. The dynamics at play in an abusive relationship are not logical, the dynamics are layered and complex. The complexities around abuse are not taught in seminary. The co-authors of the resolution are passionate about affecting the normative cultural landscape where abuse hides and thrives. They have designed a blueprint for action around the strategy of creating safer sanctuary space for those whose lives are ravaged by abuse.

There are three major steps:

  1. Become educated about abuse specific dynamics and educate your community, especially youth and young adults, take the 5-hour educational offering at to understand the complexities and nuances of abuse. It is too easy to harm others with well meaning remarks. (CEU’s available)
  2. Take action to bring resources, workshops, and prayer events to your community.

Please add DV resources to your church website,, offers a template to get you started.

  1. Stay aware and engaged, become a safer space to those in your midst, you create space when you preach on abuse, visit for sermons.

~ in 3 women, 1 in 4 men, 1 in 3 teens will experience Domestic or Intimate Partner Violence in their lifetimes. Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence are cyclical and are repeated intergenerationally. Essentially, there is no end, unless we equip, empower and educate youth and young adults. We have the ability to free future generations.~

Due to the deep cultural embedded reality of  Shame and  Stigma around abuse,  Silence makes Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence the best kept secret.  The CDC deems this insidious violence “A Public Health Crisis.” Currently, Covid is one pandemic fueling another, Abuse. We, as Christians, have the power and capacity to reduce this violence in our lifetimes! The statistics prove there are people suffering in silence in plain sight in our communities. Often folks feel this topic is too controversial and would rather look the other way. We are asking that you move from a place of courage to face the silent crisis that relegates victims to the hidden margins. In that courageous space, you could save hundreds of lives through education alone.

Jesus came, that we may have life, and have it more abundantly, not shrink under the violence of oppression.