Regional Assembly 2020

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2020 CCIW Regional Assembly Overview

We’re all in this together!
At the beginning of 2020, we had hopes for a Regional Assembly in Bloomington where we would gather and learn to share our own stories of faith with each other—-remembering the ways that God has blessed our lives.

Instead, we are amid a global health crisis, and our gathering Saturday, Oct. 17 will be virtual, while remembering — “We’re all in this together.”

  • Pre-Meeting Announcements (Tune in at 9:50 am for these announcements)
  • Business Meeting
  • Rev. Scott Woolridge Retirement Celebration
  • Worship Service
  •  Exhibitor Videos
Register Online

Business Meeting Items

Zoom Tips for Delegates and Online Worship Leaders

Zoom connection options to join this meeting

Computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone (iOS or Android)


  • You can join for video & audio.
  • You can join for audio only and simply disable (stop) video.

Telephone to dial-in – use only if:

  • Do not have a microphone or speaker on your computer/tablet.
  • Do not have a smartphone (iOS or Android)
  • While on the road or
  • Could not connect to a network for video computer audio.

Worship Service

Regional Assembly Offering to Support PRAR

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