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CWS20 COVID-19 Camp Update

Dear Campers, Parents, Guardians, Church Sponsors, and Friends of Camp Walter Scott,

It is with great sadness that I announce that the Christian Church in Illinois and Wisconsin has canceled all of our 2020 camping programing at Camp Walter Scott. The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for all of us; our health, our jobs, our education, and our daily life routines have been affected tremendously. Camp, unfortunately, is no exception. At this time, we deemed that it is unsafe and unwise to gather for summer camp activities. While we are witnessing improvements, COVID-19 still remains a health risk and even gathering in smaller groups with restrictions on physical distance, activities, and personal interactions would greatly diminish the camping experience for campers and staff. Thus, in consultation with camp staff, directors, and leaders, the CCIW has made the difficult decision to not hold any camps this year.

We know that there is no way to fully make up for the loss of camp this; however, we are working to provide some resources for campers to maintain a connection to our camping experience and communities. We will have free of charge virtual resources – a combination of prerecorded and live gatherings with camp songs, activities, and reflections – that are fun and interactive for youth of all ages. More details will be available soon but we plan to have these resources available in July.

We are also working on putting together at Camp Walter Scott Fun Crate for purchase that includes carefully curated items like a camp t-shirt, materials for crafts and activities, and other fun and inspirational camp-related items. Full details for this item will also be available later.

We understand that camp is an integral experience for youth and adults and so we grieve with all those who are affected by the temporary loss of camp. We are also resilient and creative, as well as wise and inspired to care for one another. We have found new ways of cultivating relationships, especially within our church context, with the intention of maintaining one another as safe as possible; we plan to take the same approach of safety and creativity regarding Camp Walter Scott and its campers, leaders, staff, and friends. We are eager to celebrate camp whenever we can safely return to Camp Walter Scott. Until then, we continue praying to God for safety, strength, and wisdom. Blessings to all of you.

In Christ,

Pastor Eli

One Comment

  • Rev Doris Beckerman says:

    Yes, at this time, you have made the right decision for love and caring and for life.
    Eli, so grateful for you and all your ministry among us in CCIW.