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A Conversation on Race—George Floyd

By June 11, 2020June 25th, 2020No Comments
Prostest Signs in a fence at Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest: "WE WILL NOT BE SILENT"

Prostest Signs in a fence at Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest: “WE WILL NOT BE SILENT” Photo by Benedikt Geyer on Unsplash

Tuesday, June 16 at 1 p.m. or 6:30 p.m.
Here is the link to sign up:

In preparation for this conversation, here are some things to remember:

  • Race is a human construct that doesn’t exist. It is a lie. It was used to create a hierarchy to justify (slave holder religion/doctrine of discovery) some of the worst human actions in history including: 300 years of American slavery, and genocide of native peoples; 100 years of apartheid, and legal segregation; and the ongoing violation of the imago dei in persons of color.
  • Racism is the fruit of this narrative. It denies the imago dei, the image of God in every single person. It supports the degradation, humiliation and death of persons of color, while protecting white privilege—impunity.
  • We all have prejudice. We are not focusing on our personal flaws or seeking absolution for our guilt. (Though there is a great need for Lamentation, Repentance, Reparations and Forgiveness.) We will be talking about the systems that continue to inflict pain on persons of color. For example, why is the mortality gap in Chicago between whites and blacks + 9 years? or Why are the disproportionate number of deaths for Covid-19 among black and brown families? or Why Black people are 3x more likely to be killed by police, and 1.3x more likely to be unarmed compared to white people? What is it about our systems that makes this so?
  • The pain of George Floyd’s execution on the streets of Minneapolis has traumatized people we love. Maybe even you.
  • When we gather, we will not debate. There is no justification for the death of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor . . . . None. We will not be distracted. We will listen. We will keep our eyes on George Floyd and the systems that perpetuate injustice for more than 8 minutes and 46 seconds.
  • David Anderson Hooker (Transformative Community Conferencing) tells us “People are not the problem, the problem is the problem.” Our conversation will focus on the problem and help us consider a new reality— a “Kin”dom reality— and, the steps we can take to support the arrival of that new reality—now.
  • We will seek ways to move forward together. As our General Minister and President Rev. Terri Hord Owens said in her prayer this week, “The time is now, we won’t go back.”

Thank you for asking to have this conversation.

Rev. Dr. Teresa Dulyea-Parker

I recommend watching the documentary “Holy Hierarchy: The Religious Roots of Racism in America.” It is available on Amazon Prime or to rent for $2.99.
A book that is free in ebook— s “Killing the Future: The Theft of Back Life” by Nathan Powers