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Can This Make a Difference?

By November 12, 2019No Comments

The CCIW team of Healthy Congregations Facilitators meeting in March asked the question: Has having this knowledge made a difference in your ministry?

We all agreed that our families and our congregations are better served by having non-anxious leaders who understand family systems.  (And who hasn’t heard of a church being referred to as being someone’s family?)  A family is an emotional unit and what affects one member of a family affects the whole family. The emotions of one swiftly move to others. There is a difference between emotions and feelings and when we become more self-aware, we have more control over how we respond to anxiety.

If you find your church having repeating responses during board meetings, perhaps if one person changes their response or asking an insightful question, the outcome would be different. Family Systems is a way of thinking so that the script of the past doesn’t need to be the script of the future. It only takes one person to change a whole system.

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