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Here’s a Path to Greater Health

By October 3, 2019No Comments

Your CCIW Region has a team of Healthy Congregations Facilitators who meet via the internet to deepen their understanding and knowledge of what it means to be leaders in healthy churches. Each month we focus on a different topic related to maintaining and improving congregational health.  In January, our discussion focused on the “Marks of Healthy Congregations.” We mentioned these –

  • Good communication
  • Lower anxiety
  • Creative problem solving
  • Good listening
  • Flexibility
  • Mission focused
  • Highly committed
  • Accepting of diversity
  • They tackle challenges lovingly (and not by ignoring issues)
  • Folks are growing deeper in their faith
  • Cooperation among people and leadership teams

To promote these signs of health in a church, its leaders are those who are self-differentiated, are good listeners, communicate well, are well-connected to other leaders, seek consensus, seek health in their own lives, empower others to be leaders, and who are contagiously enthusiastic. When leaders exhibit these behaviors, the health of a congregation improves.

Next month we will discuss ways our congregations can protect themselves against some of the negative behaviors that threaten the health of the church.

If you would like to learn how Healthy Congregations Workshops can help your church, please contact Scott Woolridge at [email protected]