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By October 8, 2019No Comments

As we welcome our children and teachers back to school in each of our churches and communities, how can we all learn more about our faith, God, and church. Did you know the Christian Church Disciples of Christ has a publishing house in Chalice Press and Christian Board of Publication? A good resource for us to educate ourselves in God’s eyes. A GREAT resource for your congregation for Advent devotionals and other resources.

Does your church provide Advent devotionals for your members? Do you have members or groups within the church that might donate proceeds to purchase devotionals for the congregation? This may be a good service project for a group in your church to provide spiritual growth for your members. See below new titles from Chalice Press. These are many other titles can help educate in who we are as people of God and people of the Chalice as we approach the birth of Him who came to save.


Special October offer. Speaking of His Saving Grace, you can get FREE shipping from in October by using the coupon code ADVENT19. Order your devotionals or Christmas gifts that help one grow through reading and studying before 10/31/19 to SAVE.