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Serve On One Of Our Regional Ministry Committees/Teams

By October 15, 2019October 31st, 2019No Comments
Are you longing to connect with our congregations and leaders in our region? Would you like the opportunity to create synergistic ministries? Maybe it’s time to consider serving on one of our regional ministry committees/teams, ministries.
Take a look at this list of opportunities (link). Contact our Regional Minister Teresa Dulyea-Parker  for more information.


The following is a list of our Boards and Committees and a very brief description.

RCC Committees (Members of Council serve on one, plus some additional members):

  • Communication/ Marketing and Development: Promoting the Annual Fund, Development funds for the Region and Promoting our regional stories.
  • Personnel: Provide oversight for Personnel issues of the Region.

Report to RCC:

  • Committee on Ministry: Care for candidates of Ministry; Oversight of Standards for Ministry
    • Committee on Ministerial Ethics and Response Teams: Respond to allegations of misconduct.
  • New Church/Ministry Oversight and encouragement of new congregations.
  • Nominating Committee: Seeks out qualified persons to serve as leaders in our Region.


Ministry Leadership Team: (Made up of Leaders of Ministries in the region)

  • Disciple Women’s Cabinet: Women’s ministries, including Spring Event, SIWR, and leader development.
  • SLAM: Service, Learning, Advocacy & Mission—planning annual mission opportunities.
  • CWS Facility Committee: Oversight of Camp Walter Scott
  • Outdoor Ministries: Camp Program
  • Pro-Reconciliation/Anti-Racism Committee: Oversight of our goal to become PRAR Region; Includes promotion of Reconciliation Offering and Distribution of grants.
    • PR/AR Team: Larger growing community of trained folks , promoting the vision of responding to God’s call to be a fully transformed , anti-racist multi-cultural church that we claims as members of the Body of Christ, an anti-racist identity that empowers, heals, and makes whole.
  • LGBTIQ + Alliance Fellowship group
  • Regional Assembly: Plans for the biennial Regional Assembly CCIW
  • Transformation Ministries: New Day
  • Youth: Oversight of Regional Youth events and Youth Leader development.
    • Regional Youth Council
  • Young Adult Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Regional Elders
  • Chaplains Support Group