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Does Your Church Need a Doctor?

By September 23, 2019No Comments

Do you wait until you are sick before you go to a physician? For many people the answer is yes, but for many others, they go to their primary care physician for a regular checkup. It is helpful to become aware of issues before they become debilitating or even deadly. Just as a healthy body fights off disease, there are ways a church can fend off a threat to its health.

Healthy Congregations is a series of workshops designed to equip church leaders to become effective stewards of their congregations. It is a way of thinking about our interactions in church life that promote the health of the whole church while exploring topics which participants can apply to their daily lives. The workshops are biblically based and can help the church gain a renewed sense of purpose and mission, give leaders skills to lead with thoughtfulness, learn healthy patterns of living together in community, and move a congregation toward more healthy functioning (just to name a few).

Our Regional church has a team of trained Healthy Congregations Facilitators who are able and willing to come lead your church through a series of workshops that will strengthen leaders using videos, case studies, workbooks and discussions. In addition, the time is flexible and can be shaped to focus on the particular situations your church is facing.

The current team of trained facilitators is led by our Associate Regional Minister, Scott Woolridge, and includes: Melissa Ebken, Ellen Moma, Dwight Winnett, Rick Williams, MJ Fitch, Gretchen Barron, Dee Ann Woods.

If you would like to learn more contact Scott Woolridge – [email protected]