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2019 Mission Trip Poem

By August 7, 2019No Comments

We gathered at Schopp’s house on Sunday Met Tippy, the puppy, and set up our beds Grilled cheese and games kept us busy this night Early to bed, for our early arise, we did lay our heads

We traveled to Taylorville on Monday Minus Terry who felt sickly in the tummy Lloyd showed us how to demo siding And our snacks and lunches were yummy

Girl power prevailed as we demoed all walls but one We stacked old siding for the house across the street Cleaned up our space and carried the ladders Then traveled home to eat veggie burgers and meat

Games, devotion and an emergency supply of Pepsi Rounded out our first day of work To bed we went to get some needed rest So we could do it all over without being a jerk

On Tuesday and Wednesday a full crew we did have Demo continued and reconstruction began Lloyd taught us how to cut windows and finish the top And we finished both days with a Dairy Queen stop (thank you Mary H)

Each night we walked Tippy and ran in the yard Michaela loved to play tug and Megan decided tolerating a dog wasn’t so hard Board games and card games were all such fun But we were a bit tender from too much sun

On Thursday we worked with a skeleton crew Elizabeth prepared for her college move and Deb had to work So Terry took the girls to Taylorville town And they worked on that tall house nearly finishing her crown

An early supper and then off to the game Thank you Kathy S. for the tickets for the Sliders to see Even though there was an exciting last inning Our team didn’t win, but we giggled watching people, with glee

We worked near a train track and counted the trains An average of 6 trains came along by our street We were also near a chicken yard with roosters a plenty Crowing from 87 to 102 times a day, lake a banshee

We worked hard on the job site and learned a few lessons Like counting every step down the ladder is a must And don’t leave snips or hammers on top of the ladder As when they fall on your head it might bust.

We played games every night to have some fun Christmas Charades, cards, trivia, Wits and Wagers, and Ticket to Ride Elizabeth and Deb were the masters of Charades While Michaela made the longest train, in the countryside

The kids confirmed Terry doesn’t “food” right again As he had to eat a giant salad with a spoon He was so traumatized by this experience He swore to never again eat salad that day at noon

We learned on our trip that hate is a strong word And should only be used for cabbage and Brussels sprouts Terry and Deb broke out in musical theater song And the girls made a video to embarrass them, no doubt

Our teacher, Lloyd, was kind and funny The home owners were very grateful We were happy to help our neighbors down the road Recover from a tornado that was hateful

On Friday we ventured to Six Flags for the day Rode coasters and water rides as we played Megan felt sick until we had a late meal And then slept in the car with Terry at the wheel.

Thank you, Parkway Family, for your awesome support We helped others, worked hard and learned a new skill Without your prayers, goodie bags and encouragement, too We couldn’t have accomplished so much and created this goodwill

Fun Facts: The word “crisp” starts at the back of your mouth and goes forward. When you say “touch” your lips never touch, but when you say separate, they do (You just tried that, didn’t you?)

Michaela Conner, Megan Hoffman, Elizabeth Conner, Terry & Debbie Schoppenhorst

Parkway Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)