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Thank you for your support of the Pentecost Offering

By July 29, 2019No Comments

Thank you for your support of the Pentecost Offering this year. This offering supports new church ministries both here in CCIW as well as at the denominational level. The New Church Ministry  provides the CCIW region support, resources and consultation.

With your support CCIW church planters attended the Regional Assembly last fall and will be attending the General Assembly in Des Moines. With your support they are able to attend Leadership Academy, a five day training for church planters in the fall lead by the Disciples’ New Church Ministry. I am grateful for these pastors taking time to build these connections, particularly when they are doing the hard work of building and creating momentum for a new congregation from scratch.

The CCIW is currently providing financial support to four new church starts and there are several more planters preparing to begin a congregation. New churches and planters in the CCIW region are featured in this recent video on YouTube created by Angee Byrd and Jeff Parker.

This offering for the New Church Ministry can still be collected for a few more weeks. Resources are available here.
Our own Rev. Hyoung Chel ‘Tom’ Yang, who works closely with the New Church/Ministries Team, provided the Korean subtitles to the CC(DoC) 2019 Pentecost Video.

A specific thanks to Eureka CC, First CC in Paris, FCC Mt. in Carmel, Central CC in Decatur, and Central CC in Jacksonville for their standout support of New Church/Ministries in the CCIW region. For more information about New Church/Ministries contact Jeff Zimmerman, Minister for New Church/Ministries at jeffz@cciwdisciples, or follow on Facebook and Twitter at @cciwnew and Instagram @cciwnewchurch.