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Macomb – First Christian Church – August 3, 2019 1 PM – 5 PM
Chicago – Park Manor Church – September 14, 2019 1 PM – 5 PM

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Pray – to communicate with God

Most of us think of prayer as talking with God. Yet effective communication allows us both to speak and to listen. Pray and Play is an invitation to come and learn how one can listen to God more deeply. Participants will have the opportunity to practice four different prayer practices that encourage one to breath deep and to listen for God. God desires to communicate with us. God is still talking as God desires to communicate with us. By listening to God, we come to learn more about what God loves and what God wants us to love. We draw nearer to the heart of God and we are transformed. And finally, by praying together we connect more deeply as a community of God’s daughters.

Play – to engage in an activity for enjoyment and recreation

For most of us, life is hectic and busy. We focus on our commitments and move with the purpose of accomplishing the tasks before. us. At the end of the day, we drop to our beds tired as our minds race with the thoughts of what we need to accomplish the next day. Yet, life as God intends is a rhythm of work and rest, of purposeful activity and of play. For most of us somewhere between childhood and adulthood we have stopped playing.

Pray and Play is an invitation to come and play. It is an invitation to be social in a creative way as you have fun with old and new friends and enjoy yourself. Why do this?

Adult play has many benefits including:

  • stress relief
  • improved functioning of your brain
  • boosting creativity and innovation
  • improving your connection with others in fresh ways as cooperative skills and communication is improved.
  • boosting you energy
  • helping you to maintain an positive and optimistic outlook on life.

So come and join us as we Pray and Play.