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Life Giving Life Changing Stories

By July 30, 2019No Comments

We have different encounters throughout our lives. Our experiences help shape us, whether we’re kids, teenagers or adults. We experience moments that bring us joy and others that can be challenging. Either way, there are lessons we can learn from both.

Our experiences help teach us, and others, how to navigate our time on earth.  As it’s often stated, “we can’t have testimonies without having tests.” What are you doing with your testimony?  Are you sharing your learnings or keeping them to yourself? Most often we find strength, and increase our faith, when we reflect on occasions where we have witnessed God’s hand in our lives. How encouraging that would be for someone else to hear!  It’s also been said that “we grow through what we go through.”  Let’s help each other grow.

When we share our stories, we help build faith, love and hope. Will you share your story to encourage your brothers and sisters?

Click here to be inspired by Life-Giving and Life-Changing Stories. You can also request a recording to share your stories of joy, overcoming or any of your life experiences. There is someone who needs to hear your story. Your voice and your story are important. Help us build one another up!

All recorded stories will be featured on the life-giving life-changing website.  This website has been created to encourage, build faith, love and hope among visitors to the site.