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“Head-to-Heart” Day with a book Retreats

2019 … “Head-to-Heart” … Day with a book Retreats

@ Chiara Center, Springfield, IL

“Listen” Tue., June 11. Chiara Center. Springfield, IL (Register by May 9). Focus Book: Finding Grace at the Center (3 rd Edition) The Beginning of Centering Prayer. “This book takes us back to the headwaters, to the very beginnings of what may well be one of the most significant spiritual awakenings of the twentieth century (as) Centering Prayer spread like wildfire: to Catholic laity … to Protestants … across North America … and throughout the world” [9-10].

“Pray” Tue., July 16. Chiara Center. Springfield, IL (Register by June 14). Focus Book: Praying with Mandalas A Colorful, Contemplative Practice Sharon Seyfarth Garner.

“Contemplative coloring offers a practical way to set aside the worries and distractions of daily life so that we can sit at the feet of Jesus” [15]. “Being with God on purpose” brings contemplative coloring together with four specific methods of prayer (learning and practice)—Lectio Divina, Intercessory Prayer, Centering Prayer, and Ignatian Examen.

 “Discover” Tue., Aug. 20. Chiara Center. Springfield, IL (Register by July 18). Focus Book: Life of the Beloved by Henri J.M. Nouwen. “This spiritual classic began as a simple request from one friend to another. Fred Bratman, a secular journalist and writer, asked friend and renowned author Henri Nouwen to write a book explaining the spiritual life in terms that he and his friends could understand, avoiding theology and technical language. Nouwen’s answer has become one of the most cherished books of our era. “All I want to say to you is, ‘You are the Beloved”‘ [Back Cover].

“Act” Tue., Sep. 17. Chiara Center. Springfield, IL (Register by August 15). Focus Book: Can You Drink the Cup? by Henri J.M. Nouwen. “The last book published by Henri Nouwen before his untimely death in 1996. .. “Reflecting upon the metaphor of the Cup, Nouwen uses the images of holding lifting, and drinking to articulate the basics ofthe spiritual life” [Back Cover Blurb].

  • All are welcome. Overnight accommodation can be available (if needed or desired).
  • Participants are welcome to register & attend 1, 2, 3, or all 4 “Head-to-Heart” Day with a Book [Focus books available at local or online retailers and libraries.]
  • “Head-to-Heart” will begin with the understanding each participant has read the book.
  • A Detailed (7:30am-3:30pm) schedule provided with registration confirmation and directions. Be better prepared to discuss the Focus Book by keeping some notes as you read—comment on insights you received, challenges to your beliefs, or particular invitations for reflection.


Looking forward to the “head-to-heart gifts” you bring to “day with a book”

Rev. Arvil Bass, Facilitator | (309) 573-5250