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Getting Ready for the 2019 General Assembly

By April 16, 2019No Comments

Getting ready for #Abide2019

Wherever you will be spending July 20 to 24 – in Des Moines with thousands of Disciples or at home – you can get ready for the event with eight Bible studies focusing on the theme text of the 2019 General Assembly.

And if you want to invite others to join you in Des Moines, there are worship materials and graphic resources on the promotion page of the General Assembly website.

MissionFest! applications still being accepted

Mission is happening all over the Church from congregations to regions to general ministries. We’re out to celebrate the many creative and varied ways Disciples are having an impact with and for God’s children.

Please let us know about your project(s) and you might be invited to share your work at the General Assembly in Des Moines!

Added lodging option

The Upper Midwest region wants to make sure you are able to attend the General Assembly. You can go to the regional website and check out their service connecting attendees with willing hosts. All questions should be directed to the regional office.

Refugee simulation added to Sunday workshops

You are huddled in a holding area. Nothing is familiar except the faces of your immediate families. It’s noisy and uncomfortable. You will get a glimpse of refugee camp life. Get a small taste of the refugee experience in this simulation, similar to that of refugees who are now living in the upper Midwest. See what it is like to be hustled from one office to another in a confusing legal process. Vignettes will include “Day in our Shoes”: access to water, food, medical, basic language skills for shopping, school, job application and other components. Facilitators: Linda Wolf, retired PhD in international and global education, and Vinh Nguyen of Center for New Americans, and others

This session will be followed by a question and answer session at 3 pm with Vinh Nguyen and staff from Disciples Home Missions Refugee and Immigration Ministry.

If you have already registered, you can change your education choices by logging back into the registration system.