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The 2019 Holy Land Tour

By February 12, 2019No Comments

A trip to Israel where biblical history comes alive has been one of the highlights of my life. To connect the Bible to the sites and places where Jesus traveled along with the disciples left an indelible mark upon my life. I’ve led tours to the Holy land three times and first traveled to the Holy land with a group of ministers. Each person has experienced a spiritual refreshing and renewal and some an awakening of the cultural and historical significance of Israel in world history. People have shared experiences of physical healing in the Dead Sea, spiritual healing in the Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14: 32) and the fellowship of Christians around the world. This is a once and a lifetime journey for many who have made the tour and have expressed an interest in returning.

Looking forward to your journey with me in Israel.

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Reverend Dr. Joel Tolliver

Rev. Dr. Joel Tolliver is a UCC Pastor in Rochester, New York, an Associate Pastor at the Congregational Church of Park Manor, UCC Chicago and recently retired as the Senior Pastor of Haven of Rest Missionary Baptist Church.  He has organized and made this pilgrimage to Israel three times.  There have been members of CCIW Disciples who have traveled to the Holy Land.  You are invited to join the group this year for this spiritual experience.