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Creating an effective homepage

By February 5, 2019No Comments

Your website is likely the first place visitors will go to learn about your church. It is where many will establish their first impression. Therefore, it’s important that your homepage represents your church and provides pertinent information. Below are a few recommendations to help make your homepage effective.

Tips for your homepage

  • Make sure your church’s name is clearly visible.
  • It is important that visitors find key information they may be looking for immediately, worship times and your church’s address should be easy to find.
  • If you do not prominently display your worship times or address on the homepage, include a “New Here” or “Visitors” link where the information can be easily accessible.
  • There are millions of churches in the U.S. What is most compelling about yours? Why should someone come to worship with your congregation? Try to encompass the answer in a prominent headline. (Focus on the visitors viewing your site.)
  • Utilize relevant and compelling imagery. Your imagery should help tell your story.
  • Keep copy short and scannable.
  • Fonts should be large enough to read.
  • Use colors that complement one another.
  • Utilize descriptive text links in your navigation bar.
  • Try to use no more than seven menu items. (Items at the beginning and end are most remembered.)
  • Include social media icons in the header or footer.
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Stats to remember…

  • You have between 3 to 8 seconds to engage readers.
  • Online content with images get 94% more views than pages without.*
  • More than 60% of people are visual learners.*
  • The average person reads only 20% of text on a webpage.*