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Eureka College is committed to a renewed, growing relationship with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ),

Grants for Members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ):

($500 each, annual, stackable, subject to cap on total aid)
† Minister Dependent Grant – Active members who are also dependents of DOC ministers.
† Leadership Grant – Active members who are youth leaders in the church beyond the congregational level.

The Disciples Leadership Program

This top-tier, competitive scholarship is awarded to first-time freshmen based on leadership, academic excellence, and the commitment to explore during college a life of faith-based servant leadership. DLP Fellows receive full tuition plus two on-site mentorships ($6,000 total combined, travel-related expenses) exploring service anywhere in the world. DOC students discerning a call to ordained ministry are encouraged to apply, but all qualified DOC students with exceptional leadership and service will be equally considered. Applicants chosen as DLP Fellows demonstrate the capacity to earn and maintain a college GPA above a 3.0. Fellows may choose any Major course of study, but a Religion/Philosophy Minor is required. On campus residency is required. For a Disciples Leadership Program application contact Chaplain Fowlkes at [email protected], or call 888.438.7352.

Review of DLP applications begins December 1.

Call 1.888.438.7352, or go to for details.
More Disciples aid options – Contact Higher Education and Leadership Ministries at

A Few of the Many Opportunities for Discipleship at EC:

† Disciples on Campus: An active student organization for friendship, spiritual growth and servant-leadership.
† Service and Mission: Local, domestic, and international spring break trips and service-learning opportunities.
† Internships: Chaplain helps students locate ministry positions.
† Regional, General, Ecumenical, Interfaith opportunities.

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