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Thank You Regional Assembly Team

By October 23, 2018No Comments

Thank you: Teresa Hord Owens and Rebecca Anderson for bringing the Word. Thank you: Kate Mackey Sweet, Holly Irvin, Tom Yang, Yvonne Gilmore for planning our worship. Thank you: Larry Larry G Hamilton II and Second Christian Church singers, Carol Bennett-Barker, Holly Irvin, First Christian Bloomington Chancel Choir and Drexler Singers, Tom Yang and Korean Dancer/singers, Yvonne Gilmore and Hannah Fitch, Louann Fillingham for bringing your life-giving talents. Thank you: Daphne Hayes, Eli Rolón Jeong, Tom Yang, Scott Woolridge, Angee Cciw, Franshonn Salter, Cheryl P Jackson, Jeff Zimmerman, Marla McElroy, Kelly Ingersoll, Hank Anderson, Keela J. Neumann, Kip Hayden Sr for helping to lead worship. Thank you: Neal Kentch, Bill Spangler-Dunning, Olivia Bryan Updegrove, Mary Runge, Jeff Zimmerman, Tom Yang, Mark Anderson, Angee Cciw, Holly Irvin, Suellen Cook for leading workshops. Thank you: Scott Woolridgeand Kelly Ingersoll for leading our banquet celebrations. Thank you: Sarah Rupe Todd for organizing our mission projects. Thank you: Sarah Rupe Todd, and Beth Rupe for caring for our little ones. Thank you: Sue Adams for arranging for our vendors/booths/displays. Thank you: Kevin Kiesewetter, Dave Phillis, Scott Woolridge and Jeff Dulyea-Parker for your awesome tech work. Thank you: Jennie Churchman Fisher, Judith Guy, Donald E Taylor for leadership at our Clergy lunch. Thank you: Peggy ONeal who made sure we were ready with name tags, meal tickets, annual reports, display items, offering collection, things yet to be determined. Thank you: Beth Rupe for hosting Pat Donahoo at the Assembly and Post-Assembly. Thank you: CCIW PRAR Team for your leadership. Thank you: Jill Gresham, Tim Akers, Kayla Reno and Eli Rolón Jeong for your work with our youth. Yes, it takes a village!

We Rise UP! together. Keep those physical and spiritual muscles ready!