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Safe Gatherings

By September 25, 2018No Comments

Kids are kids. They run and play and make noise and funny faces.
Those are their “jobs.”

Your staff and volunteers, on the other hand, are there to keep up with them and make sure they are safe. As fall activities and other events ramp up, now is a good time to evaluate your protection programs and make sure you are doing everything you can to mitigate risks. That includes screening and training!

With Safe Gatherings, you’re covered. The system includes:

  • 1.5-hour online abuse prevention training
  • Electronic reference submission, evaluation, and processing
  • Managed applicant review
  • National, state, and county background checks and offender registry checks
  • Administrative tracking and reporting

Make sure all of your staff and volunteers are Safe Gatherings approved. Call us today!

Learn more about Safe Gatherings!