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Join Us at the Table

By September 11, 20183 Comments

Since our last Assembly we engaged in a study discernment process seeking God’s call for our region. Out of that process, we have a new Vision, Mission and initiatives. Our mission; To connect and empower Disciples congregations for life-changing and life-giving ministries in our evolving world. The work on our initiatives has already begun.

We are focusing on communication ministry and have called the Rev. Angelique “Angee” Jordan Byrd to lead us. We know that 75% of people looking for a church are making the connection through the internet. If our congregations are going to thrive in this new media world, we need to learn how to share and tell our stories. Angee and her team have launched a “Call to Socialize” to connect our congregations at the first basic level. At this assembly you can take the next step and “Join Us at the Table.” This is a chance to share life-giving, life-changing stories. We will be making these stories available through a new media hub called: stories are for you to use and share. We’re done being the best kept secret.


  • Rev Ciearria Price-Haynes says:

    I think this is a great idea and makes a way for conversations and personal fellowship to start amongst everyone for we are all one body in Christ.

  • Rev Doris says:

    So important, especially in this era of suspicion and fear of people we don’t know well. Personal interaction and friendship can break down many barriers (walls).

  • Dwight Winnett says:

    Everyone has a different life story according to their own circumstances. God knows that. Perhaps that is why He allowed so many different faiths to appear to so many different people around the world, even so many different manifestations of the Christian faith. Your life-changing story might be able to help someone that is still confused about God and all that religious stuff, but someone else may respond instead to my story. That is why this is such a timely and needed idea. Thanks, Angee.