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It’s time you had a spiritual retreat!

By August 20, 2018No Comments

Join us Friday, September 14 – Saturday, September 15 – our 2018 New Day retreat at First Christian Church in Bloomington.

This retreat is welcoming, it’s invitational, it’s warm, safe and friendly – no pressure – you take it at your own personal pace. It’s a time for meaningful spiritual conversations – everyone matters and everyone can make a contribution. We learn more about spiritual practices – like prayer, listening to scripture, keeping a journal, keeping a sabbath (rest) time. It’s a great time away – it’s engaging and refreshing!

Here’s a personal invitation to this year’s New Day retreat – exploring spiritual transformation, an opportunity to go deeper in our relationships with God and one another. Many who have attended these retreats in the past would witness to the benefit of being away for a little while to relax and renew.

Outcomes – we’ve learned more about the spiritual practices we will use and how to fit them into our lives. We’ve learned how to make space in our lives after a retreat to add or refresh these spiritual experiences. We’ve reconnected with the Source that offers life, energy, hope, and partnership.
Picture a small group of your new friends, having conversations of spiritual significance. We’ve used an experience called Questions in a Bag, an opportunity to listen to others and to be heard on a deeper level. Always in a safe space, these conversations help us connect with one another in profound ways.

We’re inviting you to attend the retreat September 14-15 (from noon to 8 pm on Friday and 9 am to 4:30 on Saturday) at First Christian Church in Bloomington to join our journey of transformation. We will learn about a variety of spiritual practices, learn about what works for each of us, and spend time in peer groups growing together.

This September retreat is an experience for beginners in the New Day process.

So, please plan to join us and bring others with you.

Here’s where you can register for the retreat – click here

Questions? Contact Scott Woolridge – [email protected]