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Good News

Good News Story: First Christian Church, Quincy

Last month the congregation of First Christian Church, Quincy, hosted the Annual Fund-Raising Dinner of our local Islamic Community. Over 120 folks from the Quincy area attended a marvelous meal provided by Muslims from more than a dozen countries. The number and variety of dishes were truly amazing.

How did this wonderful Interfaith activity come to be?

It all began in 2016, when the Transitions Class at FCC undertook a study called The Jesus Fatwah: Love Your (Muslim) Neighbor as Yourself (Living the Questions).

After the Sunday School course was completed, our class sought ways to extend our understanding by inviting a member of the Muslim community to visit with our class members. Together we planned several dinners, to which we also invited members of other churches, so we could share stories and begin building friendships.

This spring, when the Islamic Center was planning its fund-raising dinner, they thought of us and asked if this is something our church would like to sponsor. After discussion with the board, we worked out the necessary details and invited the group to hold its event at First Christian.

People from surrounding communities attended as well. The entire evening was a great success. Our Muslim brothers and sisters were ecstatic about the experience. What made the event so special is that folks from our church worked side by side with our new friends.

What we all gained from this experience was a lot more than a few pounds. A bonding has taken place that will remain and grow with what, I am sure, will be future endeavors together.

Lorraine Steinberg
FCC Transitions Class