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Who is Pastor Terrell?

By April 30, 2018No Comments

Who is Pastor Terrell?
Jeff Zimmerman

Or maybe, where is Pastor Terrell? Even with a family at home he keeps a busy travel schedule to support new church efforts across Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Likely most of you have not heard of Pastor Terrell McTyer with Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation. I am graced to minister with him. Pastor Terrell and his office not only provide encouragement, support, and resources for new Disciples congregations, but he also provides tremendous support to those of us supporting new church development at the regional level. The expertise he and the rest of the staff bring and the resources which can only be managed at the general church level enable and expend the ministry of the CCIW New Church/Ministry Team. The work of the CCIW New Church/Ministries Team (NCMT) would be diminished without his support.

Hope Partnership provides training for pastor developers, assessment tools, and extensive demographic data. Pastor Terrell is gathering regional new church staff together for training, connections, and for the sharing of information and resources. Last year he specifically came to provide training for the NCMT. We are currently setting up a time for Rev. McTyer to return to the region in 2018.

Together in ministry we are stronger and our witness is multiplied. Show your support with a contribution to the Pentecost Offering in your church in May or online here.

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