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You are invited to a Church-wide study on stewardship

By March 5, 2018No Comments

As a follow-up to the Stewardship Study Document received at the 2017 General Assembly (GA-1732), the Center for Faith and Giving will be providing a six-week group study curriculum for a variety of ages.

The program consists of six weekly themes:
  • Honoring our Past
  • Honoring Creation
  • Honoring our Community and Culture
  • Honoring the Body of Christ
  • Honoring Ourselves
  • Honoring the Future

“Overflowing” will be available as a group study program for adults, as well as in three pieces of graded material for youth. This curriculum can be used in Sunday School, Bible study, or retreat settings. An ecumenical camp and conference curriculum is also being developed, and will be available in 2020.

This program will be a focal point of a Church-wide emphasis on stewardship during Eastertide, the weeks between Easter Sunday and Pentecost. The curriculum will be available for free download on March 1 from the Center for Faith and Giving.