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Buses to Washington

By February 12, 2018No Comments

The Illinois Conference of Churches will arrange buses to Washington DC so Illinois residents can take part in the anti-racism rally on the national mall on April 4, the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. The theme is Act Now Unite to End Racism. The memorial service in Memphis, Tenn. will be broadcast on the mall.

Charter buses will depart from LaGrange (a Chicago suburb), Springfield and Carbondale. Buses will be added in increments of 56 passengers. The rally is sponsored by the National Council of Churches and their goal is 100,000 participants.

A seat on the bus will be $175 and includes a sack lunch, water and a t-shirt to be worn at all times on the mall so the group can recognize each other. To register go the events tab at Registration will close at midnight CST on March 1. Departure times on April 3 and arrival times back on April 5 are listed on the website, along with other information.

The Illinois Conference of Churches is an ecumenical Christian organization with 13 member denominations. The buses are open to anyone who opposes racism. The buses are the project of the ICC’s anti-racism team, Illinois Christians Encountering Racism (ICER).

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