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Looking for a new Lenten practice? Coloring Lent is here!

By January 22, 2018No Comments

The 40 days of Lent, beginning Ash Wednesday (February 14), and ending on Easter morning, is traditionally a season of reflection, introspection and prayer. Coloring Lent, with more than 40 pages of biblical images and scripture reflections from God’s resurrection story, will deepen your journey through Lent and draw you more powerfully into the story of Jesus’ life, death and glorious resurrection.

Author and Pastor Christopher Rodkey offers these suggestions for how to use Coloring Lent to deepen your journey to the Resurrection:

Daily devotional: Color and contemplate each day’s image and scripture as a private devotion during Lent. Begin and end your coloring time with prayer, inviting God’s presence with you and asking for what God wants to share with you during your devotional time. Journal on the opposite pages your thoughts about your colors, the images, and a different person to pray for each day.

Create a Coloring Group: Our coloring books were created out of a need within my own church for coloring materials for adults. You can create a Coloring Lent small group at your church or with friends, and meet weekly to color together and pray. Open and close your coloring group with a prayer for God’s presence in your group and at the end of the meeting, invite group members to share what they experienced during their coloring and prayer time. Consider whether there was any symbolism, intentional or unintentional, in each other’s choices. How might colors change the story? What images of the divine can we discern or emerge in our pages? (Order kits of five books or ten books at a discount at


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