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2018 facilitated “Time Away” opportunities

By November 14, 2017February 5th, 2018No Comments
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2018 facilitated Time Awayopportunities at CHIARA CENTER – Springfield, IL

[Six Sunday Afternoon thru Tuesday Lunch Opportunities]

WHY? . . . Sometimes “the tyranny of everyday life” (Pastor George Donigian writes) “has so trapped [us] that [we] have lost sight of God.” 2018 “Time Away” opportunities are an invitation to “take time to hear and remember the grace of God’s compassionate love.”

WHO?  . . . You are invited to consider these 2018 “Time Away” opportunities. See if one (or more) might find a place and time in your 2018 life to experience “a time of repositioning” (a time of intentional turning toward God).


Two facilitated “Silent Day of Prayer” (printed resource) choices.

  1. Jan. 21-23, 2018 – “Tension between Being & Doing.” [Please register by Fri., Jan. 12.]
  2. Apr. 22-24, 2018 – “Seeing God.”  [Please register by Fri., Apr. 13.]

Four facilitated “Book Study” (Henri Nouwen Spirituality Series) choices.

  1. Feb. 4-6, 2018 – A Spirituality of Homecoming.” [Please register by Fri., Jan. 26.]
  2. May 6-8, 2018 – A Spirituality of Caregiving.” [Please register by Fri., Apr. 27.]
  3. Aug., 5-7, 2018 – A Spirituality of Living.” [Please register by Fri., Fri., Jul. 27.]
  4. Oct. 14-16, 2018 – A Spirituality of Fundraising.” [Please register by Sep. 28]



  1. Please feel free to copy & share information/registration. (Registration is Open Now!)
  2. 2018 “Time Away!” opportunities are for any interested person.
  3. The $160 EVENT FEE Includes 6 Meals, Meeting Space expense, Retreat focus Book (or Retreat focus Printed Resource), and Facilitator
  4. Each registrant will receive a detailed agenda, Directions to Chiara Center, and Focus book(s) with your registration confirmation. (“Silent Day of Prayer” printed resource will be distributed on site during Sunday evening orientation.)



  1. 5 Chiara Center rooms are reserved for each scheduled opportunity. [Per person: single occupancy – $146.00; double occupancy – $105.00]
  2. Commute from home/motel.

Questions? Rev. Arvil Bass, Facilitator – (309) 573-5250 or [email protected]